Practical Training Program at the School of Government and Society

This is an integral, compulsory part of the training for undergraduate students at the school, giving them vital professional experience and an opportunity to connect theory to its application.

Students intern for a year at their choice of placement: a public sector agency such as a governmental ministry, a Knesset department, a cultural institution or a municipal office; a civil society organization — local, national or international; or a local office of an international organization, including the UN, Zionist organizations, trade organizations, and more.

The internship corresponds with an academic specialization area in which each student takes a cluster of courses: Civil Society, Public Policy, Israeli Politics and Society, International Politics, and Society, Sustainability and Management.

Through the internship, students gain hands-on practice in a variety of work environments and jobs, for example: community work, social media management, fundraising, or research, acquire diverse skills, and discover varying perspectives on different systems, issues and problems.

The academic component of the program provides students with tools for analyze their applied experience and link it with the studies.