Experiential Academic Teaching

At MTA, we build and distribute knowledge by focusing on experiential teaching and learning. We believe true learning is only accompanied if it generates meaning. To make the academic world meaningful, the MTA curriculum makes theoretical knowledge applicable at every step of the learning process:

•  The college provides students with ample opportunities for field experiences off campus— from training seminars and practicum through for-credit internships to volunteering options and activism scholarships.

•  Applied work is carried out in collaboration with leading partners in all sectors: government and municipal units, businesses, civil society associations, and private entrepreneurs.

  • Guidance in class provides students with theoretical tools to analyze their experience. Teaching is carried out in small classes to encourage students to share their applied experiences, reflect and generate new knowledge through dialogue.

This is a win-win model: students’ practice drives the college’s community involvement programs, while the students themselves gain precious experience that not only builds their character and worldview but grants them considerable advantages in the job market - and they become better workers for it, too.