New School and Center for Health Sciences



 MTA is in the process of developing a new Center for Health Sciences. The center will include a School of Health Sciences, that will offer five new degree programs in addition to the academic programs offered at the School of Nursing today, and also an integrative center for public health, leading in holistic interdisciplinary approach to health and pharmaceutical research. The new center will be housed in a new, fourth building, to be built on campus beginning 2017.


A New School for Health Sciences


Academic teaching at the new school will consists of innovative interdisciplinary programs for clinical and non-clinical careers within the healthcare system, including: speech-language pathology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and clinical nutrition.


Furthermore, MTA is lobbying to get formal recognition for the profession of Physician's Assistants in Israel - which can help loosening the 'bottle neck' in healthcare provision in the country by serving important functions, in particular early diagnosis and treatment. Once approved, MTA will of course offer a Physician's Assistants program.


MTA's diverse student body will be a prominent feature of the School of Healthcare Sciences, and the College aims to draw students and faculty from around the country and beyond.


The new School for Health Sciences, with its top-gear facilities, will prepare new health-care professionals to enter the workforce with full capacity to perform their duties and provide quality patient care from low fidelity to high fidelity instances.