MTA Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Program

Opened in 2012, MTA's BSN program holds among the highest acceptance criteria among BSN programs nationwide and places particular emphasis on combining quality theoretical studies with hands-on simulation and practical experience, in collaboration with Israel's leading hospitals: Ichilov Medical Center and Tel-Hashomer Hospital and Medical Research Institute.


The four-year programs has a half-half theory and praxis breakdown: the first two years are dedicated to theoretical studies and simulation, and the following two take place within actual hospital wards, where students gain tangible experience.


Students also have a chance to volunteer at a clinic for migrant workers and refugees, and through their interaction with a most vulnerable population face and handle various challenges in healthcare provision - from access and diagnosis to treatment and prevention — relating to cultural sensitivities, socio-economic disadvantage, and systemic resource deprivation. As students are likely to encounter similar challenges in their future work, this experience is of utmost individual and systemic value.


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