Applied Academic Teaching at the School of Behavioral Sciences

Practical Training in Therapy


This elective course combines practice and theory in mental health training. Students volunteer in one of the centers and clinics in the Tel-Aviv-Jaffa area, and get a first-hand experience working with different populations and therapeutic attitudes, under professional supervision and guidance. They also have the opportunity of participating in clinical seminars and team meetings in their placement. The MTA staff provides academic accompaniment, a framework to reflect on one's experience and the theoretical tools to better understand therapeutic processes.


The Nirim Center: A Community Mental Health Program for At-Risk Youth


The Nirim Center program is run in cooperation with a local high school in Jaffa, addressing the unmet need for therapeutic services among at-risk youth in the community. The high-school staff identifies students (ages 15-16) in need, and encourages them to attend weekly meetings with MTA psychology students, who are trained and supervised by professional academic staff. These meetings are neither formal therapy sessions nor psychological treatments, but rather conversations aimed at providing emotional support and guidance, thus by-passing stereotypes associated with mental health services. MA psychology students gain unparalleled practical experience (for-credit), which gives them considerable advantage in the job market.