BSN Program for Haredi (Ultra-Orthodox) Men

MTA School of Nursing also runs a unique BSN program, designed for ultra-orthodox (Haredi) men, in order to integrate their needs and support their lifestyle as learners. The program answers two imperative national priorities: the acute lack of nurses with academic and clinical training, and an unemployment crisis among ultra-orthodox men, on the background of overall poverty of the ultra-orthodox community in Israel.


Given the Haredi community's particular customs, special adaptations were made in the content and structure of the program, to adapt it to students' lifestyle, including: studies at a separate, men-only campus and teaching by an all-men staff, evening studies to help balance studies with family-life and religious life, and topics deemed sensitive are taught with special caution.


The program allows this demographic to earn a BSN degree and ensures their employment in any of Israel's many medical establishments catering to the ultra-orthodox community.