Programs for At-Risk Youth in South Tel-Aviv and Jaffa

Mercaz Nirim: A Community Mental Health Program for At-Risk Youth


This School of Behavioural Sciences program is run in cooperation with a local high school in Jaffa, addressing the unmet need for therapeutic services among at-risk youth in the community. The high-school staff identifies students (ages 15-16) in need, and encourages them to attend weekly meetings with college psychology students, who are trained and supervised by professional college staff. These meetings are neither formal therapy sessions nor psychological treatments, but conversations aimed at providing emotional support and guidance, thus avoiding  the stigma associated with mental health services. College students gain unparalleled practical experience (for-credit), which gives them considerable advantage in the job market.


The Tlamim Center:a Retention Program for At-Risk Youth on Verge of School Dropout


This is an afternoon retention program for local at-risk youth on the threshold of school dropout. Students are recruited after schools and families have given-up on them. MTA students, supervised by College staff, engage participants in social activities and enrichment courses, and offer remedial tutoring, gradually increasing their self-confidence and motivation to study, and get back on a positive track in life.