A technology in the community project, TeachTech aims at closing technological gaps among residents of southern Tel-Aviv and Jaffa. The project offers participants courses on various introductory topics relating to the use of technology in daily life, and in addition trains them to teach these skills to other members of their communities. TeachTech is therefore exemplary of the MTA's vision: a project that nurtures a community with the capacity to drive its own growth.


TeachTech was initiated seven years ago by Eliran Aldoroti and Itay Sarag, two MTA graduates who grew up in south Tel-Aviv. The two co-founders developed their idea while students, at the MTA Hub for Social Entrepreneurship. They were later joined by Lior Izhak, who served as project director between 2014-15 and today volunteers as chair of Friends of TeachTech, while Aldoroti and Sarag co-chair TeachTech.


The project includes a wide range of courses tailored for the needs of the population in these marginalized neighborhoods, from the basis of using computers and the internet, to more advanced topics such as photoshop. Courses are run in Hebrew and Russian, and special courses for youth focus on technician skills. In addition, the project assists participants to raise in-kind donations of necessary equipment. Finally, the project produces 'TechTours' to encourage encounter between course participants and Hi-Tech companies, in order to expose participants to the most advanced technologies and the possibilities of the local job market in the field. 


"We offer services that provide technological knowledge at a much lower price than the market's, and moreover, unlike traditional trainings we encourage peer-learning and knowledge sharing with the community". 


Contact: the TeachTech project on Facebook