B.Sc. in Information Systems Management


Head of program: Dr. Ruti Gafni




Use of information technologies is proliferating rapidly, changing entire industries. The demand for Information Systems (IS) professionals is on the rise, and expected to grow even further. The B.A. in Information Systems prepares students for a career in the field — for example to manage organizational computerized information systems, leading up to the position of CIO — and trains them in diverse skills required in the field: analysis, implementation and management of business information systems; management of computer network and people networks; databases design and management; design and management of computer and information security, and more.


Degree Program


The BA degree in Information Systems is a multidisciplinary program, recruiting experts from different industries to form a faculty that prepares graduates for constant change. The program has unique partnership agreements with leading players in the IS industry.


Program Principles


  1. Depth and Relevance: the program provides in-depth basic training in computer science and management, while connecting these to the local industry in Israel.
  2. Innovation: developing familiarity with the dynamics of innovation and ability to confidently lead innovations. For example, students can experiment with a beta program for the development of IS-based products in high-demand fields such as cloud computing, mobile computing, social computing nd virtual worlds.
  3. Encouraging leadership and teamwork - both the ability to lead and make decisions as well as the ability to work well as part of small and large teams in organizations.
  4. Preparing students to become "independent learners" who can handle the frequent changes, assess their contribution, and lead implementation of the organizational/business changes required as a result.
  5. Multinationalism - focus on cultures, languages and people of the world. Strengthening foreign language skills as a tool for self-expression and learning.