The MTA Teaching Vision


Knowledge in the 21st century is fast-paced, multi-directional knowledge, streaming from various sources at real time. It is not created or disseminated from the top-down only; rather it flows at all levels, even from the grassroots: programmers who write new code that can be of use to others, nurses who through interaction with patients develop context-specific and community-oriented care practices, public servants who shape and influence policies at the point of program administration or delivery. 


At MTA we build and distribute new knowledge. Our young and dynamic faculty body consists of professionals with both academic expertise, and executive experience in various fields of work, in the public, civil and private spheres in Israel. All of our academic programs feature various forms of collaborations with partners off-campus, including businesses, civil society associations, municipal units, private entrepreneurs, and more. Teaching is carried out in small class, in order to give personal attention to students, and also to encourage participatory learning in the classroom, with students sharing and generating knowledge - in particular based on their internship or volunteering experience with the many curricular and extracurricular programs MTA is involved with.