School of Behavioral Sciences

The MTA School of Behavioral Sciences is a leading institution in training psychology practitioners, home to the largest psychology Master's program in Israel.

The curriculum is designed to provide broad theoretical and methodological foundations that prepare graduates for advanced degrees, as well as for integration into a variety of workplaces and occupations, as well as applied academic training.

Experiential Academic Teaching

The school offers a BA in behavioral sciences, structured as a double major in psychology and sociology, and an MA degree in psychology, with six specializations: adults, children or developmental Clinical Psychology; Vocational Psychology; Neuro-Rehabilitative Psychology; Medical Psychology - the only program in Medical Psychology in Israel; an MA in Educational Psychology; and an Integrated MA degree.

Applied Academic Training

Students receive full access to technologically advanced research laboratories and have ample opportunities to get involved in the local community - earning credit, gaining valuable hands-on experience with patients, and getting exposed to different therapeutics methods.

Community Involvement

As part of their training, students volunteer in one of the therapeutic centers and clinics in the Tel-Aviv-Jaffa area. In this way they provide vital services that add to the limited public health & welfare services available, in particular to population at the social periphery, while at the same time getting valuable experience working with different populations and learning diverse professional methods from practitioners, under professional supervision and guidance.

The Nirim Center is a community mental health program, run by the School of Behavioral Sciences in cooperation with a local high school in Jaffa, addressing the unmet need for therapeutic services among at-risk youth in the community. While the teens receive emotional support and guidance, MTA MA psychology students gain unparalleled practical experience (for-credit), which gives them considerable advantage in the job market.

Dean of the School of Behavioral Sciences - Professor Gil Goldzweig

Dean of the School of Behavioral Sciences - Professor Gil Goldzweig

Professor Goldzweig has a PhD in Psychology and is a certified clinical and medical psychologist. He is a member of the professional committee of clinical psychology at the Ministry of Health. Prof. Goldzweig is involved in a wide range of public activities, among them volunteering with the welfare office in South Tel Aviv and offering counselling to residents of Jaffa who cannot afford private care. His current research focus is psycho-oncology.