School of Computer Science

The School of Computer Science is one of the top in Israel; its graduates account for some 10% of all the professional labor force in Israel's booming Hi-Tech sector, and hold key leadership positions in the industry; and its faculty are involved in advanced path-breaking research.


Experiential Academic Teaching

The School offers three degree programs: Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Computer Science, a joint BA in Computer Science and Economics and Management, and a Masters of Science (MSc) in Computer Science. Students can choose from among a range of specializations and majors, including: management, communications and internet, software and systems engineering. 

Applied Academic Training 

Computer Science students enjoy opportunities to conduct research on joint projects with academic staff and industry experts.The school's senior faculty are applying research opportunities in the field of cryptography and cyber with international and local high-tech pioneers while fostering research collaborations with post-docs from leading academic institutions in Israel and from around the world.

Community Involvement

In service-learning courses, students design assistive technologies, programs and interfaces for people with disabilities, thus gaining hands-on training while developing products that have little economic feasibility of being produced in the free market.

MTA Computer Science faculty and students work closely with teaching staff and students in the Tel Aviv-Jaffa region, supporting STEM education and nurturing computer programming among children and youth.

Dean of the School of  Computer Science -
Professor Gideon Dror

Professor Gideon Dror

Prof. Gideon Dror holds a PhD from Tel Aviv University and is a lecturer and researcher in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Over the years, Prof. Dror has served as chief advisor and developer of AI solutions in leading local and international High Tech companies. Prof. Dror joined the MTA faculty in the college's first days, and has contributed his vast experience and academic knowledge to the development of the School of Computer Science's academic foundation, making it one of the leading schools in its field in Israel.