School of Economics and Management

The School of Management and Economics is well renowned and many of its alumni occupy key managerial positions in Israel's financial and economic arenas. The school puts a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship. In addition to its degree programs, school faculty run training programs in collaboration with leading businesses from Israel and overseas at the MTA Entrepreneurship Center.


Experiential Academic Teaching

The School of Economics and Management offers a BA in Economics and Management with concentrations in Entrepreneurship, Corporate Social Responsibility, Capital Markets, or Human Resources, an MA in Organizational Management and Consulting, and an MBA degree, as well as a joint multidisciplinary program in Information Systems. 

The school values synergy between theory and practice, and puts a strong emphasis on applied teaching, in collaboration with the business community in Israel. Students get a chance to work with leading businesses during their studies (for credit or as internship), and leading business figures share their experience as guest lecturers, mentors and advisors.


B.Sc. in Information Systems Management

The B.Sc. degree in Information Systems is a multidisciplinary program, run by the MTA School of Computer Science and the School of Economics and Management, which trains students for a career in IT, a rapidly changing field where demand for professionals is on the rise.

The program provides students with diverse skills required in this dynamic field: software analysis, implementation and management of business information systems; management of computer network and people networks; databases design and management; design and management of computer and information security, and more.

The program maintains unique partnership agreements with leading players in the IT industry to ensure professional training and future employment opportunities for graduates.

The cyber challenge is a collaborative event of RMIT University and the Academic College of Tel Aviv Yaffo. The challenge, conducted by Check-Point, the Israeli multinational security provider, gives the students an opportunity to engage both in real life challenges and meeting and working in collaboration with students from all over the world.

Community Involvement

The Entrepreneurship Center supports students from all MTA schools in developing innovative ideas into successful ventures that provide solutions to society's most acute problems. In addition, the School partners with community organizations and runs entrepreneurship trainings for local youth.


Dean of the School of Economics and Management – Professor Israel Borovich 

Israel Borovich is a Professor Emeritus from Tel Aviv University and former Chairman of the Board of El-AL. Professor Borovich is an outstanding scholar who integrates academic research in diverse areas with extensive business and managerial experience.