School of Nursing Sciences

The MTA School of Nursing Sciences is a significant actor in the reform of nurse training in Israel. Established in response to the Ministry of Health's urgent call, the school trains students to meet the needs of the complex and dynamic national health care system in the 21st century.


Experiential Academic Teaching

The School offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree, taught on the main campus in Jaffa. Another BSN program designed specifically for Haredi (Ultra-Orthodox) men, is taught at a Bnei-Brak partner campus. The BSN for Haredi men addresses two national priorities: not only to expand and academize the nursing workforce, but also to integrate Haredi public into Israeli economy and society.

Studies include rigorous theoretical and clinical studies, and practical training in leading hospitals, local healthcare centers and local clinics.


Community Involvement

As part of their clinical studies, nursing students conduct mandatory practicum in local clinics, health non-profit health association, public health and welfare agencies, and more. Through this work they provide a range of health-care services, from pediatric to geriatric, to diverse marginalized communities, including new immigrants, Haredi/ultra-orthodox Jews, Arabs, migrant workers and refugees.


Dean of the School of Nursing - Pazit Azuri, PhD,NP 

Dr. Azuri holds a Doctorate (DNP) in Nursing from Tel-Aviv University, where she has also been a lecturer. Dr. Azuri has 20 years of experience as an academic nurse (RN-BSN), including work as a transplant coordinator, and executive positions conducting hospital quality assurance and supervising nurses' professional competency.