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שם הפרויקט:


Israel Lacrosse Youth Team ''Sticks For Kids''.


Israel Lacrosse is committed to developing the sport of lacrosse in Israel, to raise funds for the continuing development of the sport of lacrosse in Israel, and to generally support, encourage, and promote the sport of lacrosse in Israel, by maximizing our resources, dedication and leadership.



תיאור הפרויקט/ מטרות:



Using the game of Lacrosse to teach at risk children life skills such as leadership, communication, teamwork, and goal setting.



אוכלוסיית הסטודנטים:



Speaks English, Sport Enthusiast, likes kids.


אופי הפעילות: 


Sports, Coaching Youth.


היקף הפעילות ומחויבות המלגאי/ת: 


aching 4 hours a week at two different locations including. Involves training how to coach the sport of lacrosse.


רכז הפרויקט: 


נוח מילר





Shalom Alechem 10/9 Tel Aviv


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