B.Sc. in computer science with a specialization in management


The program focuses on the practical aspects of the hottest fields in the industry today - development of information systems, websites and other web-based applications and intranet (the curriculum will be based on courses designed to grant the knowledge and expertise required for computing, with emphasis on the managerial aspects).
The specialization is intended for the following groups:
• Students who hold management positions at high-tech companies, military industries and the IDF.
• Students who want to hold managerial positions in the field of computers after receiving their degree.
• Students interested in combining knowledge of computing technologies with management. 

The lecturers in the specialization will be MTA staff and guests from various high-tech companies.

Program structure


The B.Sc. in Computer Science along with the specialization in Management consists of 124 credit units. The specialization is divided into two tracks: Economic Management and Computer Systems Management.


Program components


Computer science

with specialization in management

Credit units
1. Required courses in computer science
2. Required courses in the specialization (beginning in the second year)
3. Courses in specialization track
4. Electives in computer science, mathematics and science*

·          Students in this program are not required to take an elective in mathematics.