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Second Degree in Computer Sciences (M.Sc.)

School dean: Prof. Michal Parnas

Head of program: Prof. Ofer Arieli


The computer science second-degree (M.Sc.) program is designed to broaden and deepen the students' knowledge, in particular according to the needs of science-based industry. The program broadens the theoretical infrastructure studied in the first degree, and adds depth and breadth in additional knowledge areas and in the student's professional capabilities. The second-degree program in computer sciences enable the students to be updated and bridge over knowledge gaps created due to the fast development of technology and applications in this area, based on the latest research results. The program design and the period of study enable Computer Sciences graduates with employment in this area to integrate Second-degree studies with their work.

The second-degree curriculum in computer sciences (M.Sc.) was designed with a flexible structure, to enable the students to combine work with studies. Hence, the period of study will vary between four to eight terms, as long as the longest period of the studies shall not exceed four academic years, in accordance with the student's pace of progress. Each student will personally design their curriculum, its composition and length.

Curriculum Composition

The scope of the second degree in computer sciences (M.Sc.) is 48 credits:


FrameworkNumber of Credits
Compulsory course: chapters in the theoretical computer sciences5
Electives in computer sciences out of which at least two courses are theoretical courses and two courses are practical courses; in addition, there will be one or two theoretical seminars.33
An annual final project under a personal mentoring of a staff member10


The Academic College of Tel Aviv Yafo offers its second-degree students in computer sciences a high level professional academic mentoring and studies in a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.