B.Sc. in computer science with a specialization in communications and Internet



The program focuses on the practical aspects of one the hottest fields in the industry today - development of information systems, websites and other web-based applications and intranet (with emphasis on Java).
The required courses and electives in the specialization cover a wide range of topics, including: dynamic websites, application servers, web servers, server-side programs (web services, JMS, EJB, cookies, sessions, JSP, servlets, Java EE), client-side programs (applets, AJAX, JavaScript), cellular phone programming (MIDP), software connectivity and working with databases through Object Relational Mapping (using EJB 3/JPA).
The program includes intensive experience in software development with development tools commonly used in the industry (such as MySQL, Hibernate, JBoss, Tomcat, NetBeans, Eclipse and others).


Structure of the program

The program in Computer Science with a specialization in Communications and Internet comprises 124 credit units, made up of required courses in Computer Science, required courses in the specialization, electives in Computer Science and the specialization, as well as a workshop in the specialization.