Graduate Studies, M.A. in Psychology specializing in Neuropsychological Rehabilitation


Acting Program Director: Dr. Odelia Elkana

The program in neuropsychological rehabilitation trains the students and prepares them to stand internship requirements. Also, imparting the academic foundation, knowledge, and competences necessary to treat people with the effects caused by central nervous system injuries. The program focuses on neuropsychological rehabilitation of the child and neuropsychological rehabilitation of the adult.

Brain and peripheral injuries may well cause personality changes, changes in emotional patterns and in cognitive abilities. They require great effort and many therapeutic procedures in order to get back on track and once again functional. The program is designed to train the students to address and treat various neurological injuries. In order to be able to provide therapy, deepen clinical knowledge, and enhance competences and therapeutic skill, students enrolled in the program may choose from courses offered in the other psychology graduate programs.


The program


The program in neuropsychological rehabilitation comprises 60 credits (specializing in neuropsychological rehabilitation of the child comprises 62 credits) including compulsory courses and seminars. In addition students are required to participate in a practicum and submit a dissertation.