Graduate Studies, M.A. in Psychology specializing in Clinical Psychology


Acting Program Director: Dr. Eran Shadach,


Coordinator for Clinical Child Psychology and Development: Dr. Daphna Dollberg


The Academit Tel Aviv-Yafo program in clinical psychology was established to provide the students with knowledge and clinical competences in various areas of the discipline among them psychopathology, psychodiagnostics, the clinical interview and therapy. In addition, students also study psychopharmacology and the biological elements of psychopathology. Furthermore, students are offered a breadth of elective courses and seminars on a variety of subjects such as disorders, methods of therapy and treatment as well as biology. The program includes both clinical adult psychology as well clinical child psychology and development. 


 The program


The program in clinical psychology comprises 60 credits including compulsory courses and seminars. In addition students are required to participate in a practicum and submit a dissertation.