Undergraduate B.A. Degree in Behavioral Sciences, specializing in Human Resources



The human capital is a manager's most valuable asset. Every manager should know how to plan, develop, organize, and put together staff and manpower. Following selection procedures it is then time to train, evaluate, as well as motivate and encourage the teams.

Globalization and racing technology, over the past years, require businesses to perform in volatile and competitive environments while experiencing uncertainty they had never confronted before, the human resource becoming organizations most valuable competitive edge. 

Human resources studies begin in the second year.


Program Structure and Crediting


Human resources is a 10 credit specialization. Instead of the seminar in psychology:

  1. Introduction to human resources (2 credits)
  2. Selection, training, and evaluating performance in organizations (4 credits)
  3. Motivating employees and leadership (2 credits)
  4. Organizational development (2 credits)

Students interested in further deepening their knowledge may choose a 4 credit seminar from a selection of seminars offered: meaning of work, work burnout and stress, emotional management at work, service organizations, organizational Learning and, human resources from an intercultural perspective. Seminars are not compulsory.



Total program creditsCompulsory courses in behavioral sciences (credits)Compulsory courses for specializing in  human resources (credits)Seminars (credits)Elective courses in sociology (credits)Elective courses in psychology (credits)



* Courses and seminars are subject to change and adaptation.