Second Degree in Business Management (M.B.A)

The second-degree program in business management takes place on a Thursday (starting from 2 pm) and a Friday, in the academic campus located in a central location in Tel Aviv. The program is based on six course groups that are split between compulsory courses and advanced courses.


Curriculum Design



Compulsory Courses

Common management tools (10 credits)
Management aspect (11 credits)
Management functions (12 credits)


Advanced Courses

Electives (4 credits)
Specialization study (13 credits)
Final project (4 credits)




Compulsory Courses: 33 credits


Study UnitsNumber of Credits
Organizational behavior for business management3
Introduction to financial statements2
Funding management3
Economics for business management3
Statistics for business management3
Business strategy3
Accounting basics2
Business ethics and corporate responsibility in management2
Marketing management3
Business laws2
Business entrepreneurship principles3
Selecting two courses out of three
Strategic management of the human resource2
Operation management2
Basics of information systems2


Electives 4 credits


2 courses must be selected

Study UnitsNumber of Credits
Managerial accounting2
Innovation in business2
Project management2
Decision making under conditions of uncertainty and risk2
Multivariable prediction and inference2



* The degree award is subject to receipt of the approval of the Council for Higher Education in Israel.
** The split may be different for first-degree graduates in management and economics or business management.
*** There may be changes and adjustments to the compulsory and optional courses that are offered.