Undergraduate Degree B.A. in Economics and Management Specializing in Entrepreneurship

Program Director: Dr. Eyal Benjamin


Future entrepreneurs acquire cutting edge tools for establishment, development, and management of ventures and enterprises.


The program trains future managers and economists to integrate in innovative, creative entrepreneurial environments. During both compulsory as well as elective courses students are exposed to the principles of entrepreneurship, deepen their academic knowledge, and acquire practical skill and competences. Later in their studies students engage in creative, innovative teamwork and actively participate in entrepreneurial projects. The program exposes students to entrepreneurship in various fields including business entrepreneurship, internal entrepreneurship in organizations, and social entrepreneurship for nonprofit purposes. Besides Academit's faculty, external lecturers, guest speakers, entrepreneurs, business consultants, and experts from venture capital firms share their knowledge with the students.

Specializing courses are taught during year two and three. The program is designed for a small number of students that believe it is possible (and worthwhile) to change the world using creative thinking and groundbreaking economic methods and practice.


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