Undergraduate Degree B.A. in Economics and Management Specializing in the Capital Market

Acting Program Director: Prof. Israel (Izzy) Borovich


Program's objectives are to provide profound understanding of the capital market, train and prepare students for integrating in the capital market in various positions and roles.
Over the past years and especially since application of the Bachar Reforms, the capital market has become increasingly competitive, complex, and turbulent also introducing regulators' involvement, thus making the game even more complicated than it used to be.

The program offers a robust theoretic infrastructure equipping the students with tools for market analysis and knowledge considering the various financial instruments, market players, and rules.
Offering practical tools, including usage of software, the students experience and experiment in sophisticated trading rooms designed for teaching theory and practice.
The program's lecturers combine academia with practical expertise from the business and public sectors. Providing significant advantages, the program is designed for students interested in integrating in the capital market as analysts, portfolio managers, investment consultants, brokers, and so forth.  

Specialization courses begin in year two


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Year 13939   
Year 23737   
Year  336121248