Undergraduate Degree B.A. in Economics and Management Specializing in Human Resources

Program Director: Dr. Raphael Snir


Human resources involve policy planning together with management and application of the human capital. Meaning: staffing, training, motivating, and evaluating employees' performances in organizations.
Fast-forward changes, globalization processes, advancing technology and its implications on work itself, workforce diversity, and the transformation of values, all have great impact on goal definition, structure, and organizational methods, adding to the growing importance of the human capital becoming organizations' competitive edge.

 The program provides for profound understanding and practical abilities for implementing the knowledge within the dynamic arena of human resources, also providing skill and ability to adapt standard human resources procedures and regulations, from a strategic point of view, to the needs of a specific organization.

The program supports student integration in human resources departments in organization and in firms specializing in organizational development. Furthermore, the program provides for a robust academic foundation toward graduate and advanced studies in human resources and other adjacent disciplines such as organizational consulting, organizational behavior, workforce development etc. The program is in collaboration with the school of behavioral sciences.

Specialization courses begin in year two.    


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Year 23838   
Year  335111248