Undergraduate Degree B.A. in Economics and Management Specializing in Society, Sustainability, and Management

Program Director: Dr. Dana Landau


The purpose of the program specializing in society, sustainability, and management is to provide students with a broad perspective balancing between resources and social, economic, and environmental needs, while equipping them with academic and practical tools. The program is designed for future decision makers in areas of governance, management and economics, the public and private sectors as well as in social sector organizations.

 The curriculum is the product of collaboration between the school of economics and management and the school of government and society. Emphasizing on broad, multidimensional perspectives in economics, management, and society, and allowing for sharpening, expanding as well as developing critical thinking, the program imparts effective tools advancing management that is economic and sustainable.

Studies in society, sustainability, and management begin in year two.


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Year 13939   
Year 23838   
Year  335111248