Undergraduate Degree B.A. in Economics and Management

Program Director: Dr. Shirit Katav-Herz


The Undergraduate program in economics and management equips students with up-to-date academic knowledge in two disciplines - economics and management. Studying both disciplines holds great advantages for the economist as well as for the manager, the courses delivered integrating and enhancing the connection between them. In addition, the program connects theories to their practices in the Israeli and global economy, the students attaining important competences that become meaningful advantages as they join the workforce. As of the second year of studies students choose from a variety of study paths offered, enhancing suitability according to their interests and preferences, adding to success in the respective fields and in terms of integrating in the market. In year three the program offers distinguished students internship possibilities in various organizations in the business and public sectors. This opportunity allows students to practice what they have studied, learn about roles and organizations, build work relationships, and set the foundation for future integration in the organization, and join the labor market holding experience.

 The program provides for effective and successful integration in the workforce in both the business and private sectors, also serving as excellent ground for continuing education toward advance degrees.


Program Structure     



Credits (total)



Compulsory Courses

Elective Courses


Total 112884128
Year 13939   
Year 23838   
Year  335114128