Undergraduate studies (B.A.) in Society and Politics specializing in Political Communication

Studying government and society, the students can choose the society and politics program and specialize in political communication. These studies focus on the linkage between mass culture and the new political culture. The program exposes the students to methods of measuring and shaping public opinions, as well as to innovations in the fields of political marketing, advertising and the impact and influence media has on decision-making itself.  

Program Structure

 The program incorporates compulsory courses from the school of government and society, as well as compulsory courses belonging to the division of political communication. This program is equivalent to universities' expanded programs.  



Compulsory courses in Government & SocietyBasic courses

Basic courses

Political Science

Elective courses in

Government & Society


Seminar Internship



78 credits10 credits6 credits8 credits4 credits6 credits

112 credits