Who We Are

Established in 1994 as a public academic high education institution, The Academit Tel Aviv-Yafo is a joint venture between Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality and the budgeting and planning committee at Israel Council for Higher Education.

Currently four thousand students are enrolled in the undergraduate and graduate programs with more than eleven thousand certified Alumni. Our graduates are accepted as university graduates with no prerequisite requirements, and seamlessly enroll in advanced study programs continuing their education in universities in Israel and abroad. 

Tuition fees at Academit are the same as university tuition fees, also providing excellence scholarships as well as social engagement and financial aid scholarships.

The campus spanning over twelve acres, its buildings comply with high standards of construction, providing for proper learning, teaching, and research environments and conditions for both students and faculty.

Academit Tel Aviv-Yafo is student success-oriented and therefore we insist on small classes, enabling and providing for personal attention from faculty and close supervision by the administrative staff.


Tuition fees are the same as university tuition fees


Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

School of Computer Sciences

Undergraduate Programs


  • Computer Sciences (B.Sc.)
  • Computer Sciences specializing in Communications and Internet (B.Sc.)
  • Computer Sciences specializing in Software and Systems Engineering (B.Sc.)
  • Computer Sciences with a section in Management and Economics (B.Sc.)
  • Computer Sciences and Economics and Management (B.A.)

Graduate Programs


  • Computer Sciences (M.Sc.)


School of Management and Economics

Undergraduate Programs


  • Economics and Management (B.A.)
  • Economics and Management with a section in Entrepreneurship (B.A.)
  • Economics and Management with a section in Human resources (B.A.)
  • Economics and Management with a section in the Capital Market (B.A.)
  • Economics and Management with a section in Society and Sustainability (B.A.)
  • Computer Sciences and Economics and Management (B.A.)
  • Undergraduate program in Information Systems Management (B.A.)


Graduate Programs


  • Business Administration (MBA)
  • Organizational Consulting and Development (*M.A.)

* M.A. degree in Organizational Consulting and Development is subject to authorization by Israel Council
   of Higher Education


School of Behavioral Sciences

Undergraduate Programs


  • Behavioral Sciences (B.A.)
  • Behavioral Sciences specializing in Human Resources (B.A.)


Graduate Programs


  • Clinical Psychology (M.A.)
  • Neuropsychological Rehabilitation (M.A.)
  • Medical Psychology (M.A.) - The only program in Israel!
  • Occupational Psychology (M.A.) - The only program taught in central Israel!


School of Government and Society

Undergraduate Programs


  1. Government-Politics (B.A.)
  • Government-Politics with a section in Political Communication (B.A.)   


School of Nursing Sciences


  • Undergraduate BSN* degree - Academic Nurse with a section in Nursing Teams and Staff Management

* BSN degree is subject to authorization by Israel Council of Higher Education



Leadership and Position Holders


Chairperson of the Board of Trustees - Mr. Arik Steinberg

Chairperson of the Executive Committee - Dr. Orna Berry

President - Prof. Shlomo Biderman

Vice President - Prof. Dalia Mor

Managing Director - Mr. Benny Alon


Marketing and Admissions Director - Ms. Galit Bracha

Director of Academic Administration - Ms. Henya Maymon

 Director of Student Administration Ms. Michal Raz

 CIO - Mr. Amir Feigenbaum

 Controller - Ms. Hagit Kadosh

Administrative Manager - Ms. Dana Sivera Sharir

 Human Resources Manager - Ms. Galit Zellermayer

 Library Manager - Dr. Valerie Magidov

 Manager External Relations and Resources Development - Ms. Liat Weiss-Shahaf