Community Involvement

social responsibilityAt the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Jaffa we believe academia has a duty to society, and we harness our best academic resource in order to effect a positive change in our surrounding community. 

The college runs three types of community interventions: 

Individual Projects focus on specific social problems (such as educational attainment gaps, youth addictions and more) and offer targeted solutions in different areas, from preventive health through therapeutic aid, to academic enrichment. Most projects are based on Service-learning Courses, and use students from each of MTA schools to provide direct services, thus also contributing to students' applied experience. 

Long-term Programs integrate several intervention programs to offer comprehensive solutions to complex problems at a single focal point. Our flagship long-term intervention is 'Adopt a School' at a local high-school in Jaffa. MTA faculty, administrative staff and students works closely with the entire school community - students, teachers and parents in order to improve academic success rates and facilitate a better transition to college. 

In addition the Center for Academia-Community Relations coordinates and facilitates student volunteering at a host of external projects, non-profit-organizations and community centers.