Adopt-A-School: An Innovative Model of Educational Advancement

In 2017 MTA embarked on an unparalleled collaboration with the Tel Aviv Municipality with the launching of a new innovative program to 'Adopt' the nearby local high-school.


"Irony Lamed Gimel" is a new public school in Jaffa, that began with a single cohort and will gradually grow in size, which offers an opportunity for MTA, first to begin its intervention at the earliest possible stage, and second, to build and test a model of intervention which can be expanded one step at a time and eventually replicated elsewhere.


This program follows a unique, holistic and comprehensive model, as the entire MTA community - faculty, students and administrative staff are working with the entire school community - pedagogical staff, students and parents.


This program consists of three major areas of work:


For school teachers, training in creative teaching styles and innovative instruction methods, by expert MTA faculty, in order to create a more engaging classroom for students, thus enhancing their curiosity, motivation to succeed, and achievements. MTA faculty also mentors the teachers and accompanies them as they implement new teaching tools in the classroom.

Direct programs for high-school students, including academic enrichment activities, as well as intervention programs for at-risk youth, that are ran by MTA students under the supervision and guidance of MTA faculty. These activities improve high-school graduation and encourage college enrollment.


Parent support: exposing the parent community to the academic world, in order to engage parents in students' schooling thus building an entire ecosystem that encourages students to go to college.