Projects Developed At The Entrepreneurship Center

The Ariel Project


A social business of therapeutic gardening for children and youth at risk, offering institutions and parents alternative methods for dealing with children's problems, by providing a nurturing, containing space for children and youth, where they feel safe to face their emotional and social difficulties. The children build and maintain gardens for their schools, which become a source of pride that improves their self-confidence and gives them a sense of success. See The Ariel Project.


Safe Surf


The project raises awareness to the increasing phenomenon of cyber bullying and shaming among youth, and provides professional means for handling it and building an ethical code of virtual conduct. Activities include workshops to students, parents and educators, with an emphasis on practical tools for avoidance and coping. For further information contact Gal Cohen.




This project aims at reducing technological gaps among residents of southern Tel-Aviv and Jaffa, by bringing today's cutting edge technology to community centers. Activities include courses, workshops and lectures on introductory topics relating to the use of technology in daily life, and in addition trains participants to teach these skills to other members of their communities. See the project's facebook page.

The Fishing Rod Program


The Fishing Rod (Haka) program provides training in web management to youth from Jaffa and southern Tel-Aviv. Training areas include: building sites and search engines promotion. The program provides a certificate and even employment infrastructure, by turning to local businesses and offering the services of program participants for reduced cost. The program opens for these youth the door to High-Tech world and a certain employment horizon. For further information see the project's facebook page.


Playroom on the Spectrum


This playroom is both environmentally and socially designed for children on the autistic spectrum, so that they can play with toys and games adapted for their special needs, and feel equal. In addition, the playroom is a meeting space for parents which can find what they lack in other playrooms - a quiet corner for relaxation and the opportunity to get to know other parents to children with autism and form a community. For further information turn to Ilana Mulkadnov.


The "Made In Jaffa" Market


This market of local food and merchandize was founded in order to provide local communities with an additional source of income and add a touristic spot in Jaffa. The market allows local community with self-expression through local produce and art, and generates mutual influences. The market, has a summer location and a winter location, and is open on Fridays. See Made in Jaffa's Facebook page.




The project provides personal mentoring and consultation on matters of higher education to Arabs in Israel. Baytuna runs workshops which offer Arab students information on academic learning and employment opportunities. In addition, Arab students in college receive personal mentoring throughout their undergraduate studies. Following Baytuna's success, the Academic College of Tel-Aviv-Jaffa opened a year-long preparatory program for Arabic speakers, currently in its third year. 70% of the program's participants were accepted to BA studies at the College. See Baytuna's Facebook page.


WALKAL: Walk With Locals


Walkal enhances local economy and tourism, by giving stage and visibility to the life-stories of local residents. The project brings together tourists keen on enriching their experience of Jaffa with local residents looking for self-expression. The project's staff provides residents with the training required to run experiential walks in the city. See the project's website for more info.


Beauty Chic


Beauty Chic was founded to promote employment opportunities to women in the beauty and lifestyle industry, and add more women to the labor force. The project creates a platform of professional, social and personal support for women trained in makeup and cosmetics. The project helps women fulfill their potential and improve their economic standing. For further information see the Facebook page.


Green Utopia


The program's vision is to turn Jaffa greener by educating children to environmental conservation and increasing the green space in the city. The project's team carries out workshops in elementary schools. For further information email Yoav Cohen. 




A social business which provides a glimpse into the culinary world of women across the country, by inviting patrons to attend a personally cooked meal, hosted in the cook's own home. This provides participants a chance to hear the personal story of women's lives, as well as get to know their culture by tasting the flavors of the city and community of origin of each cook. The project fosters openness to each other's history, society and daily lives. Contact: Itai Arik.