College for All



The program provides excelling students from under-achieving backgrounds with long-term training and support in order to help them enter college and get accepted in any study track they choose. Students are identified in the second grade, and for ten years they participate in an intensive (4 days a week) afternoon program, which includes both academic and social-cultural components.


Students study the core curriculum, to an advanced level of English and math, with personal tutoring along the way. At the same time, it is important for us to turn participants not only into better students but also into more rounded people — so that they stand as equals next to their future peers in academia. Participants also enjoy a wide range of enrichment activities and introduction to new fields of knowledge (from chess to astronomy). The program runs in close cooperation with local schools, and participants' families. The program's first graduating cohorts showed high rates of high-school graduation and matriculation not only in relation to at-risk youth, but compared with the national average.