Computer Science

 School of Computer Science

Within these programs, we offer a diverse range of specializations and majors,

including: management, communications and internet, software and systems


The School's unique curriculum combines theoretical studies and

practical, applied work. We work in collaboration with leading companies such

as, Microsoft, IBM and Intel, to offer our students meaningful internships in the


These opportunities give MTA graduates a clear advantage in the job

market and they are highly sought after in the hi-tech industry.  

In line with the social vision of the college, computer science students are encouraged to put their knowledge towards the needs of the community by developing software,

games, programs and applications.

Dean of the School of Computer Science – Professor Michal Parnas

Professor Parnas has a PhD from the Hebrew University and is a lecturer and

active researcher in the field of randomized and approximation algorithms.

Professor Parnas joined the College as a faculty member in 1994, the year it was

established. Under her leadership, the School developed advanced study

programs that helped to establish it as one of the top Computer Science

programs in Israel.