Joint Study Programs


MTA is opening a joint Master program, and an off-shore PhD program, in partnership with Swinburne University in Australia. The new graduate degree programs will offer MTA students the opportunity to complete their study program overseas and benefit from the best academic resources of both institutions. Students will enjoy research opportunities at the joint research and training center, where both MTA and Swinburne faculty will collaborate on research in the areas of:

●      Artificial Intelligence

●      The Internet of Things

●      Cybersecurity

●      Data Science

●      Digital Health

●      Entrepreneurship and Innovation

●      Finance and Fin-tech (including Blockchain)

●      Business Management

●      Social Impact and Social Enterprise


For further information, contact: Dr. Vered Holzmann

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Director of the Research Authority


Dana Markel-Gutman , Research Grants Coordinator  


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