The International Executive MBA in Impact Entrepreneurship


The International Executive MBA in Impact Entrepreneurship is a 3-semester applied program for visionary change leaders: Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs and Sponsors*


Doing Good by Doing Well:
What is Impact Entrepreneurship

Impact entrepreneurship combines business knowhow with a commitment to social change to create a transformative ecosystem, encompassing multiple stakeholders from different positions at the government, business and civic sectors. Impact ventures promote a solidary, fair and environmentally-sustainable economy while yielding profitable returns, thus influencing workers, patrons, investors, suppliers and entire communities - on a local, national or global scale.


An MBA in Impact Entrepreneurship

The International Executive MBA in Impact Entrepreneurship is an applied program, providing entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and investors the knowledge, toolkit and experience to turn innovative ideas into successful businesses. The program lasts 3 semesters covering one (calendar) year and consists of 60 credits, which include:

  • On-campus classes in impact essentials which provide advanced tools and practices for impact entrepreneurship, including: growth management, business modeling, social marketing, venture finance, impact investing, impact measurement, and more.
  • A supervised internship at a leading social business; and
  • Independent mentored work at the MTA Impact Entrepreneurship Accelerator.
In the course of their studies, students:

  • Learn how to discover unmet social needs, find creative ways to address them using business methods, attract investors, develop and utilize assets and resources, and build lasting partnerships to make social businesses profitable and yield positive impact.
  • Gain valuable hands-on work experience at an existing social business, and exposure to different methods for handling challenges.
  • Develop measurable plans for a new social business, an impact intrapreneurial project, or an impact investment strategy, under the guidance of experienced entrepreneurs; and
  • Weave a global network of entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and finance professionals.


The program is run in English and taught by senior MTA staff who have expertise in entrepreneurship and innovative impact ventures.




* The program's opening pends approval of the israeli Council for Higher Education.