Graduate Studies, M.A. in Psychology specializing in Occupational Psychology


Program Director: Dr. Hedva Brunstaein-Bercovitz

The program specializing in occupational psychology is designed for undergraduate degree holders in psychology or behavioral sciences interested to expand and deepen their knowledge in the discipline, and with the intent to integrate in the field and become professional certified therapists.
The program's prime objective is to expose the students to psychological processes occurring since the first taxing encounter a person has with the business world and workplace.
Occupational psychology includes the breadth of psychological methods required for identifying and choosing an occupation, whether among organizations or in other settings.
The program focuses on three main areas of the discipline:

  1. Career counselling and consultancy.
  2. Career planning.
  3. Human resources selection, assessment, and evaluation processes.

The Program


The program in occupational psychology comprises 60 credits and the students are required to submit a dissertation.


Exams and Internship


Graduates of the occupational psychology program are required to stand an internship exam and intern for several years. After successfully passing the exams and completing their internship term, they can integrate in various areas in the fields of human resources as recruitment, hiring and manpower selection and placement specialists in human resources companies and agencies, and in human resources departments in organizations. In addition, graduates may also join counselling centers proving career development and consultation.


The program provides its graduates all they need in order to successfully complete their internship term and easily pass the exams to successfully join and integrate in the labor market.