Faculty of the Month

Ms. Lily Galili, Lecturer, School of Government and Society

Lily is a renown journalist and lecturer. She has been a senior writer for Ha'aretz, and today works for "i24News" and contributes frequently to Al-Monitor. She has been covering social affairs for over 30 years, and her expertise lies in the former-Soviet community in Israel and the ways in which it has changed the country's politics, culture, and economy. She is co-author, with Roman Bronfman, of "The Million That Changed the Middle East: Russian Immigration to Israel" (2012) which has also been published in Hebrew. Galili was a Nieman Fellow at Harvard, and Graduated from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem with a Master's in Communications. At MTA, Lily teaches communication and media, sociological theory and social policy.


Graduate of the Month

Ms. Sigal Pe'erMs. Sigal Pe'er (B.A. Behavioral Sciences, 2010)

Sigal was an exceptional college student. She received an excellence scholarship on the first year of her B.A., made the Dean's List on the second, and on the third reached the President List, graduating with distinction. Since then, Sigal has remained a part of the MTA community, starting a career in higher-ed administration. She began at the students admissions office, and moved to the Computers and Information Systems Unit, where she was working on the conversion of the college's computer system, and later became responsible for content management of the MTA website. Today Sigal is coordinator of the MTA Certificate Studies Programs, and is an important driving force behind the college's pathbreaking program in Young Adult Studies.


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Faculty of the Month

Prof. Gili Goldzweig, Dean of the School of Behavioral Sciences

Gil Goldzweig (Ph.D) is a Clinical & Medical psychologist. His expertise includes methodology, research methods and statistical analyses. His current research focuses on caregiving to senior cancer patient. He is also a collaborator on research into different aspects of hope. Prior to becoming Dean of the School, prof Goldzweig was chair of the MTA MA program in Child Clinical Psychology.

Prof. Goldzweig's past public service involves work with several public medical and welfare institutions for children and youth. He also supervised a group of medical clowns. Today he is member of the Professional Committee of Clinical Psychologists at the Israeli Health Ministry. 

He is also currently engaged in several voluntary public welfare community projects in Jaffa and tries to pass this spirit of volunteering and community involvement to his students.





Graduate of the Month

ErezGavish.jpgMr. Erez Gavish (B.A. Psychology and Sociology)

Mr. Gavish is a business entrepreneur and developer who works with innovators to support their projects during the startup phase. A previous participant at the MTA Entrepreneurship Center, he graduated to become a mentor for upcoming visionaries - taking the MTA model and values to new business communities. 

He has been a project manager at the MTA Entrepreneurship Center, and currently works as Israel manager of the "Bavaria Israel Partnership Accelerator", where MTA is a partner. He is also the Israeli Coordinator of the EXIST Germany business startup grant. Among his previous ventures, he was a product manager at Sling - recently acquired by Brazil's Avante; a managing partner at Magnektik; a co-founder of QRevision; and a mentor at the Production Powerhouse.





Faculty of the Month

Dr. Zafrir Bloch-DavidDr. Zafrir Bloch-David is a social psychologist, researcher, and expert in the psychology of decision-making and behavioral economics, with an emphasis on social business entrepreneurship models, shared economy and collaborative platform development.

Bloch-David is co-founder of WEconomize, which engages in research, teaching, consulting, and applying shared economy platforms and building supplementary currencies for organizations in Israel, where he serves as a consultant for enterprises and public organizations. He previously founded and managed intelligence and intellectual property start-ups.  Bloch-David is also a faculty member at the College of Management





Graduate of the month


Mr. Amit LangMr. Amit Lang is Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Economy. As a young man, he participated in Judo contests eventually competing in the 1992 Olympic Games. He earned his B.A. from the Academic College Tel Aviv Yafo, an M.B.A. from the Academic college of Management, and an M.A. in public policy from Tel Aviv University. In 2007 he became the Deputy of Budget Director at the Ministry of Economy. In 2010 he became the manager of the department of economics, business development, regulation and relationship operators at Partner Communications Company Ltd. until becoming Director General of the Ministry of Economy.





Faculty of the Month: Dr. Noa Lavi, head of Political Communication Unit, School of Government and Society and head of the program in Young Adult Studies


Dr. Noa Lavie completed her BA at the MTA, and years later returned here as a faculty. She was born to a bohemian family of well known actors, and early in her adult life followed their footseps, and even starred in the first Israeli soap opera. Even as she later made a career change and pursued her academic interest in sociology, she was was drawn to the topic of popular culture and entertainment. Her PhD, recently published as a book, analyzes the revolution of commercial TV in Israel, and focuses on the development of Israeli drama series. Her study areas include Reality TV, and globalization of popular culture and communication.She is also the head of the certificate program in Young Adult Studies.






Graduate of the Month:Ron Zalkind, B.A. Computer Sciences



Ron has over 20 years of experience building complex software systems and product platforms, and has held varied engineering management positions in private and military sectors. Prior to founding CloudLock, he was Director of Product Management at Interwise (acquired by AT&T).





r. Ron Rosen


Mr. Rosen is a lecturer at the Information Systems Program. He graduated from the same program in 2011, and was a participant of the first cohort of the incubator program at the MTA Entrepreneurship Center. A former ranger and tour guide, Mr. Rosen co-founded, and is CEO, of  Trekking-In, a "Waze for Trekkers".




Graduate of the Month: Ilana Mullokandov, Shaked Frumkin, B.A. Behavioral Sciences


The two graduates are founders and managers of "Playground on the Spectrum", a safe playground for children with autism. Ms. Molkandov (R), a certified ABA therapist, and whose young brother is diagnosed with autism, joined the MTA social-business entrepreneurship incubator, where she identified the need for non-therapeutic recreational environments for children and their parents. The project today operates with support from MTA.





Left: Frumkin, Right: Mullokandov



Faculty of the Month: Dr. Pazit Azuri , Nursing Science School


Pazit Azuri is a Dean of Nursing Science School at Tel Aviv-Yaffo Academic College. She holds a Doctorate in Nursing (DNP) from Tel-Aviv University, where she has been a lecturer to BSN students.  Dr. Azuri has a 20-year experience as an academic nurse (RN-BSN), including work as a transplant coordinator and executive experience conducting hospital quality assurance and supervising nurses' professional competency. Dr. Azuri puts high priority on improving knowledge-sharing in healthcare, and teaches students communication skills as integral elements in quality service.






Graduate of the Month: Ido Viron, B.Sc., Computer Science (2007)


Mr. Ido Viron graduated from the MTA undergraduate degree in Computer Science and has since held  development, product and project management positions in a variety of start-ups in the areas of digital signage, online media, broadcast graphics, and GIS.


Since 2014 Mr. Viron has been working as a Technology Lead for Tsofen High Technology Centers, a successful nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote the integration of Israel's Arab citizens into the hi-tech industry as a means of promoting economic development, reducing poverty, high value job creation in Arab urban centers and integration of Arab citizens into Israel's civil



Mr. Viron also holds a degree in acting and improvisation and he performs and teaches.


Contact Ido:





Faculty of the Month: Dr. Eyal Benjamin, Economics and Management


Dr. Eyal Benjamin is the director of the MTA entrepreneurship accelerator, and heads the entrepreneurship division at the MTA School of Economics and Management.


Dr. Benjamin is an entrepreneurship-strategy scholar and a serial entrepreneur passionate about innovations. He has established four start-ups by now, two of which were sold, in the areas of internet software, communications and the car industry.


Dr. Benjamin holds a B.Sc. in engineering from the Tel-Aviv university in Israel, and a Masters of Entrepreneurship and Innovation and a PhD. on the topic of "radical changes in strategy of high technology new ventures", both from the Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia.


Contact Dr. Benjamin at:




Graduate of the Month: Shay Dadush, B.Sc in Computer Science (2009)


Shay Dadush is a one of the founder of US-based startup Seat Serve: a cellular app allowing sports fan to order snacks in the stadium without moving from their seats and losing a moment of the game. The app sends the order to the food cart/stand and coordinates for the order to arrive directly to the client's seat. It was already launched at the 'Arena' stadium in Amsterdam to raving views.


"I began my computer science degree at the College of Management in Rishon L'Zion. After a year I wanted to move to Tel-Aviv to live with my girlfriend at the time (today my wife). A good high-school friend went to the MTA and recommended the college and its computer science program. During the summer term I came to the campus to talk to students and meet with the head of department, and the visit left a very positive impression, so I transferred.


There are several things I took with me to "the real world" from prof. Carmi Merimovich, who used to give 'impossible assignments' in his communication and operating systems courses. From these home-works I took the approach that everything was possible, that we can dissect any mission to small tasks in order to carry it out.

From prof. Alex Coman I received the best career advice ever: 'no matter what kind of programmer you would like to be or what you'd like to work in, the most important thing is to become an expert in what you do, that will give you an advantage over everyone else'. All of prof. Guy Ronen's classes were very much applied and after finishing each of his classes I found a client with a real need and managed to provide answers using things I learned with Guy". 







Graduate of the Month: Romi Canetti, Economics and Management


Romi Canetti is a graduate of the MTA BA program in Economics and Management. While a student, she participated at the MTA Social-Business Incubator and co-founded the Ariel Project - a thriving social business of therapeutic gardening for children and youth at risk. The project brought together Romi's experience as a youth guide, and her love for the natural environment. Today she is director of the incubator herself.