Researching Parent-Infant Relations

At the new SEED (Study of Early Emotional Development) Institute, MTA faculty and graduate students from the School of Behavioral Sciences build applied knowledge relating to parent-infant relations during early childhood.


Through researching the effectivity of intervention methods, SEED touches the lives of many families and improves the life chances of young infants and toddlers.


The Institute staff works in several parallel tracks:


    •  Rigorous scientific activity which is internationally-collaborative yet locally-oriented and deeply applied.

    •  Innovative therapeutic early-intervention programs for hundreds of parents who suffer severe relational challenges with their infants and toddlers (0-3) which, if untreated, might lead to serious developmental difficulties.

    • Training workshops, certificate programs, courses, and international conferences, for mental health professionals, and MTA students.

    • Supporting advocacy efforts to inform and frame strategies and policies.

The institute will collaborate with local public agencies: the municipality, educational institutions and welfare agencies.