Integrating Ultra-Orthodox Students in the Nursing Workforce

  • The Bachelor in Science of Nursing program is a pioneering and unique program, training Haredi men in a highly needed profession, towards their integration in the workforce. The program provides students with full academic and clinical training, as well as rigorous practicum in leading hospitals.
  • Given the Haredi community's particular customs and background, special adaptations were made in the content and structure of the program, to tailor it to students' lifestyle and needs, as most of them are older students, and parents in large families, who have to balance academic studies, work, religious duties and family responsibilities.

  • The college works with leading medical institutions to ensure students’ employment upon graduation. Graduates become nurses in hospitals and community clinics, and treat the entire Israeli public, breaking social and cultural boundaries. As program alumni recently wrote;

  • We have decided to take faith in our own hands, to take on the responsibility of breadwinning, and to contribute to our society… We are the first male Haredi nurses at the hospital, and we call upon you: join us! We are proud of our work alongside the entire Israeli society: Jews, Muslims and Christians, men and women, Mizrahi Jews and Ashkenazi Jews, gays and single mothers… we are the first sparrow of the integration of the Haredi sector in Israeli society.”