The Academic College of Tel Aviv Yaffo is an entrepreneurial academic institution in every respect. The 'core' of the college's academic activity is run according to entrepreneurial principles. In addition, the college offers a diverse range of training programs in entrepreneurship.


In its academic programs, MTA recognizes unmet needs, define them and address them in creative, innovative ways, in collaboration with partners from the public and private sectors. For example, the college partners with Social Finance Israel in its path-breaking model of "SOCIAL BOND". The first Social Bond in the area of higher education in Israel aims at increasing retention and successful graduation from MTA's Computer Science degree program.


The MTA Entrepreneurship Center trains the social entrepreneurs of tomorrow in order to promote creative solutions to society's most acute problems. Focusing on technological innovations,  the center provides rigorous training in entrepreneurships in collaboration with different MTA schools and academic programs, for students and visiting delegations. Read more about The MTA Entrepreneurship Center

New International Executive MBA Program in Impact Entrepreneurship (planned):

Advanced by the OECD, Impact Entrepreneurship is a paradigm that brings together public, private and civil sector to create ecosystems of a fair, solidary and environmentally-sustainable economy. MTA's new International Executive MBA program in Impact Entrepreneurship will combine on-campus classes, internship in leading businesses in Israel, and independent work at the MTA Entrepreneurship Center. The program will cater to students from around the world.