Big Data Lab: Turning Data Chaos into Gold

With more than a trillion pieces of high-speed, large-volume data flowing daily from numerous sources, business organizations are struggling to use the information efficiently and leverage it to achieve greater success. Big Data tools bring discipline and organization to the information flow, to assist with real-time decision-making.


The MTA School of Computer Science is in the process of developing a Big Data lab, that will offer businesses the tools for controlling and arranging information tailored for different needs: from security industries to medical organizations. The Big Data lab will be run by leading computer scientists and business experts, and provide:


  • A platform and infrastructure for entrepreneurs and innovators;
  • R&D by researchers in software architecture, machine learning, databases and more;
  • Enrichment courses on big data, machine learning, natural language processing, advanced databases and big data tools (Hadoop/Spark, etc.); and
  • Opportunities for joint Big Data R&D projects for companies, lecturers and students.