Dr Amit Kaplan

 Dr. Amit Kaplan

Amit Kaplan (PhD Tel Aviv University, 2010) is a sociologist, a lecturer in the School of Government and Society at The Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo. Her principal research interests include issues of gender, family, work and welfare policy. Publications on these topics have appeared in journals such as Social Science Research, Demographic Research, International Journal of Social Policy and Human Reproduction.
Her current research focuses on the effect of institutional arrangements on gender inequality within households. Specifically, in her studies she examines how welfare policy can shape the power relations between spouses, and the ways it is related to their familial relations, such in the case of divorce. This theoretical model is tested through two types of comparative studies: the first is an international comparison among different types of welfare policy, and the second is a longitudinal comparison study of the changes in welfare policy toward single-mothers within one country - Israel.
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