Dr. Noa Lavie

 Dr. Noa Lavie

Dr. Noa Lavie has a PhD. In Sociology from the Tel Aviv University. For the last years she has studied the field of Israeli television, concentrating on questions of quality as a result of struggles in the field of drama and Reality TV production.
Dr. Lavie has published in leading refereed journals in the intersection between media studies, communication, sociology and art. She has received grants from the Hammer Foundation for Television Studies and the Levinson Foundation for political economy.
Her first book, "Israeli Produces Drama", was recently published in Hebrew.
Dr. Lavie is currently co-operating with Prof. Amal Jamal from the Political Science department at the Tel Aviv University, conducting a large-scale study on Palestinian television actors and actresses in Israel.
Dr. Lavie is the head of the Political Communication Unit at the School of Government and Society at the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo. She is also the academic director of the 'Young Studies' program at the college.
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