Prof. Natan Sznaider

 Prof. Natan Sznaider

Prof. Natan Sznaider, Full Professor, is the Head of Undergraduate Studies at the School of Behavioral Sciences at the Academic College of Tel Aviv, Yaffo, Israel.
His research interests include social and political theory, globalization, and Holocaust and Memory studies.
Prof. Sznaider has been a Visiting Scholar at the Center for Israel Studies, Munich University in Germany, and the Sociology Department at Columbia University in New York.
He is research fellow at the Vienna Wiesenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies in Vienna, Austria and the Center for Social Sciences and Humanities in Madrid, Spain.
He is the author of several books among them Memory and Forgetting in the Post-Holocaust Area (Routledge, 2016), Memory and the Cosmopolitan Order (Polity 2012), Holocaust and Memory in the Global Age (2006), The Compassionate Temperament (Temple 2012). He publishes widely mainly in English and in German.
His articles have appeared in journals such as British Journal of Sociology, European Journal of Social Theory, Theory & Society, Journal of Classical Sociological Theory and others. He serves as an advisor for the Israeli Council for Higher Education on new programs and courses.  
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