Research Authority

The Research Authority at the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Jaffa is working to promote research activities among the academic staff  and to assist the administrative side of any research carried out at the College

The main functions of the Research Authority are:

  • * Encourage researchers and assist them in obtaining research grants
  • * To assist the administrative side of carrying out studies funded by external and internal funds
  • * To obtain information on external research funds and to disseminate this information among faculty members
  • * To obtain information that will assist in the exchange of researchers between the college and research institutions abroad
  • * To assist in the establishment of dedicated research institutes and to accompany existing research institutes in development and control activities
  • * Academic Research Day - TED Style

 Academic Research Day- TED style


Dr Vered Holzmann , Head of Research Authority 

Dana Markel-Gutman , Research Grants Coordinator  
Phone: 03-6803336